The Secret to Making Every Day Your Lucky Day

Frequencies and brainwaves… are there any truths behind the theory that they are responsible for bringing us good luck? Do you wish every day could be your lucky day? Well today, you’re in luck. No pun intended.

Certainly, we’ve all had moments in our lives when we felt like luck was on our side, or perhaps the opposite? Have you ever said something like, “Oh, that’s just my luck. I have the worst luck of anyone in the world.” Sadly, these types of words spoken out loud may indeed be bringing you more bad luck.

In contrast, when you feel lucky, you may feel connected to those around you. You go to work and your co-workers are being nice and friendly with you. Your boss agrees with all of your ideas. At home, your kids and spouse listen to you and seem happy in your presence. Friends call you with good news. On these days, you feel great and go to bed thinking, “I’m so lucky. I have a great life.

A surprise sum of money comes out of nowhere. How did this happen? I guess you were just lucky.

The truth is, we all have rare moments when the universe seems to go your way and fall into place perfectly. When it does, anyone’s natural question is to wonder, “How can I make this perfect day happen again?”

Really, if you knew the secret to making every day your lucky day, wouldn’t it be grand? I’m going to share it with you.

On your lucky days, you are operating on a higher vibration level. The world is working in synchronicity with you, which brings you more happiness, joy and meaningful coincidences.

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The truth is, good luck is not random or happenstance. The way you appear on the outside may be the same, but the actions and energy surrounding you is good, which attracts more goodness. Without needing a PhD to understand this, the particles of your body will create more good “vibes” – aka – good vibrations – at an accelerated rate. Instead of attracting more heartache, frustration, loss or pain as we often do, your good vibes will attract love, success, wealth and happiness.


The reason is that when you are operating with a low frequency (disguised as negative emotions), you become disconnected to your world. Like the wires that control your automobile, when signals are missed, it can cause misfires. Stating out loud the things we don’t want – either by complaints or defeated language – simply suggests to the Universe that you want more of it. So, you have to stop complaining about the things you don’t want. “Drat! A flat tire at rush hour traffic? I have the worst luck!” When the words are said or shouted, it just puts those negative vibes out there and you’ll get even more of what you don’t want.

However, when you operate on a high frequency and vibration, you body is like a smooth, well tuned automobile. Things magnetically come to you, with seemingly little effort. You become lucky more often. Even if modern science can’t explain it, there is no denying that it is true. We’ve all experienced it.

Everyone has felt a period of time when everything fell into place perfectly and smoothly.

You’ve got the whole world in your hands, but you just don’t know it yet!

How does brainwave entertainment matter in this equation? Some experts say it is a tool we are fortunate to know about. Once you have this knowledge, you can practice allowing your brain to adapt and operate on that higher frequency.

It could be said that brainwave synchronization for the mind is similar to having a pit crew for a high performance race car. It brings renewed passion, energy and focus by increasing the vibration of the user. Folks who understand this can totally change their lives just by shifting their vibration.

People who operate on a very low vibration constantly manifest negative circumstances, pain and suffering.

Mind Manifestation is a tool that is so effective, some people call it “the best self-development tool that was ever created” or “smart drugs for brains”. And people who’ve tried it report better results with brainwave entertainment than any other methods. Some say it is better journaling, meditation, reading, or seeking energy healers.

How Does Brainwave Entertainment Help You?

Even if people don’t understand it, brainwave entertainment works because it raises the good vibrations within your mind. It puts you in sync with the Universe. It also helps you to attract the right experiences, people and circumstances you desire.

Can you imagine how awesome your life would be if you operated on good frequencies every day? It would be great to have that rare passion, energy and focus to attracts good luck, positive situations and new friendships with the right people every day. Wouldn’t it be great to live each day with fewer problems, obstacles, pain, frustration and hassles? Instead, you could be blessed by good fortune and good luck.

Now, imagine how amazing it would be to manifest your most outlandish, awesome goal within the next 24 hours. For example, you could attract extra money, a new love interest or a job you’ve always wanted. Maybe you could get a raise, or a new friend, or some great news. No matter what you hope to manifest, imagine more and more of these day-to-day good great experiences. Instead of them being a rare event, what if you could attract this good luck all the time?

Do you want to do this?

Then there is a unique program that can help your brain to develop the higher vibrations. There is no homework, no research or anything you have to do, except plug and play.

Manifestation Magic is The Secret to Making Every Day Your Lucky Day

Manifestation Magic is a powerful brainwave entertainment program that can give you more focus and mental power, but it does so much more. It is the only program available today that is specifically designed to help you attract more of what you desire. You just play the Manifestation Magic program at night or while resting. It slowly retrains your brain to pick up the higher frequency and vibration you want.

Starting today, you can attract success, love, wealth, prosperity and good health that is rightfully yours.

There’s no studying, reading or even participation. All you have to do is listen to it and allow the power of brainwave syncing to adjust your ‘airwaves‘.

Just download it, put it on your phone and play it. It’s best to do right before you go to sleep. No special instructions or things are needed to do this. This can be done every day to reboot and synchronize your brain.

It is really that simple. Soon you will see how magically things transform in your life. Opportunities you’ve never dreamed of will show up out of nowhere. People will connect with you more. Everything feels just right and goes your way all the time.

Check out Manifestation Magic and download it now. It is truly one-of-a kind and only works if you use it!

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