10 Ways to Shun the Poverty Mindset Out of Your Life Today

Most often, a poverty mindset is born at home. Growing up in a household with negative critics of the wealthy leads you to believe in and stay with the same way of thinking – in terms of lack – rather than prosperity. This is how you get to come to grow up with a ‘poverty mindset’.

Poverty Mindset is the main reason why a majority of people from around the globe are wallowing in poverty. According to the World Bank, 736 million people 1 live in dire poverty; living on less than $2/per day. With not enough finances to cater for schools, food, housing, transportation, and other basic needs, you can imagine how many people will need to hear this strong advise and wisdom.

Henceforth, ditching a poverty mindset for financial abundance is very important.

Here is a list of 10 ways to shun the poverty mindset from your life today:  

10. Early Foundation.  Having a money ‘gene’ is not typical. Most people fail to lack effective money management, especially in their early 20’s and 30’s. The sad part is that those very people spend a lifetime struggling to overcome the hurdles of bad credit, too much debt, and other financial woes. In other countries outside of the US, Asia and Europe, there are people who lack literacy skills. Therefore, learning financial management is something parents MUST start teaching kids. Problem is, many of the parents never learned fiscal responsibility themselves, so it’s difficult to teach something you’ve been struggling with yourself.

9. Shun Poverty Mentality. For financial abundance, you must literally avoid having a ‘poverty mentality’. What does that mean? Simply put, someone with a poverty mentality believes they cannot make things better because they have neither talent nor influence. They do not see any other way, not realizing that anyone, anywhere, at any time can turn their last quarter into a quarter of a million dollars. Shunning the poverty mentality requires never saying any lackful phrases or expressing any lackful language, both in words and spirit. For instance, someone who feels prosperous says, “I am blessed, I am lucky, I am rich,” whereas someone poor will say, “I am broke, I never have enough money, I can’t afford that, etc.” 

Although it may seem tough to get on the other side of that if you are truly down and out, there must be a complete and utter change in the behavior of language, expression, and confidence, or lack thereof.

8. Study the Law of Attraction. There are many interpretations of this principle, yet the underlying meaning is the same. “Like attracts like.” In the movie ‘The Secret’ which explains the Law of Attraction, you can grasp the concept of the Law of Attraction. It is a good place to start if  you wish to overcome a poverty mindset. You can find it on Amazon or eBay very cheaply, so make a commitment to watch it and get your mind blown!

Think that you want to be rich, and think only those things surrounding riches. Soon, you will discover that thousands of doors of opportunities are opened. And, these vast collection of chances will determine your richness – making you rich.  

7. Stop and Think Before Every Purchase. How many people who live in poverty have the mentality of “Just Over Broke?” That’s what the word J.O.B. stands for. Next time you get paid, don’t run out and make frivolous purchases. A lot of people buy meaningless things, like lottery tickets, alcohol, cigarettes, or frivolous items that they cannot really afford. Every time you are about to spend money on these wasteful items, think about it and ask yourself, “Does this help to care for me and my family, or does it help me to get ahead in life?” If the answer is no, try setting aside that very money you would have wasted and then invest it in something that will further you financially.

For example, let’s say you were going to blow $2o of your hard-earned paycheck on some lottery tickets. Not really a productive use of money. Buy something that you can FLIP for a quick sale, either on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon or locally. It could be anything of value. Or, use that $20 to start an online business. You can start doing worthwhile to put you in a direction towards wealth, rather than poverty. Try affiliate marketing, or selling your services (of just about any type!) on Fiverr. Watch your $20 turn into $200-$300 dollars, instead of wasting it and having nothing to show for it!

6. Embrace an Abundance Mindset. Scarcity mentality creates unnecessary fear, anxiety, and desperation. On the contrary, abundance mentality tells you that there are other options, chances, or ways to get ahead.

5. Avoid Traditional and Unhealthy Advice. You may have been taught growing up that money is “hard to come by” or “money is the root of all evil” and other bad misconceptions. Shun these negative and untrue statements from your life forever. Replace them with things like, “There is so much money flowing to me.” or “I am rich in all facets of my life,” etc. These unfortunately untrue and sad statements can be a big obstacle holding you back from getting more money.

4. Environment Plays an Important Role. People that grow up in poorer, lower class or poverty-stricken communities often  carry these ideals for life. If you feel that money is just a pipedream, you are probably not thinking beyond poverty. It is high time to eliminate those negative brain cells; otherwise, you will stay stuck forever.

3. Look for Opportunities. Poor people are not looking for ways to lift themselves out of the situation. Take a step back and see if there is more you can do to apply your natural gifts and talents into a viable pursuit, even as a side hustle at first. Instead of parking yourself in front of the TV and/or video games, start looking for purpose!  

In fact, I had a very good friend who did this!  He was a poor college student and avid video game player. However, once he reached early adulthood, he realized he needed to get more serious about getting on his own. So he gave up the video games in exchange for something that still fulfilled his passions; he took up day trading. Day trading had similarities of video games, except that once he learned the “strategies”, rules and ways to do it, he started making gads and gads of money!  Turn your obsession for something unproductive and non-lucrative into something that will get you paid!


Once you have shunned your poverty mindset, accepts the situation that you are in, and look for measures to eliminate thoughts. You have come across new possibilities. Now, think positive, just look at where you are, where you want to be, and who you want to become.

2. Get Out of the ‘Zone’. Do you really want financial freedom? Are you serious about the bills, groceries, and other needs? If your answer is ‘yes’, then get out of your comfort zone and look for money. How? There are so many ways… literally hundreds. We will cover some unique ideas on future topics. In the meantime start with exploring something that excites you!  Is it football? Designer jeans? Helping people? Painting or coaching?

Think about a gift or talent that people most compliment you about. Discovering your best natural talents can help you shun the poverty mindset.

1. Deciding and Committing. Poor people are typically skeptical by nature. They have lived with a brainwashing that has transpired since they were infants, throughout childhood and beyond. However, once we become ‘grownups, most of us believe that we are victims of a system, rather than the MASTERS of it. If you live in this free country, , and the rich are trusting. The rich can open their house doors and cars open when the poor hesitate to do so. So, open up your mind, think big, dream, and get rich.     



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