5 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Money Online (And How You Can Change It)

Working at a “jobby-job” will never take you to the level of wealth you dream of; nor will it bring you the lifestyle you long for. It may give you stability, but it does not bring you passion. However, the good news is that there has never been a better time on this earth for literally anyone – from anywhere on the planet – to make money online.

Opportunities are infinite, perhaps vaster than all of the world’s rivers combined, yet certainly just as dynamic. Making money online is exhilarating and only limited by one’s imagination. From marketing, to selling, re-selling, making videos, helping clients to write or do graphic design, virtual assisting, and so much more, the money you can make online is remarkably endless.

So, why don’t more people explore the exciting possibilities of making money online? There are 5 primary reasons why:

  1. Don’t know how. Technology can be a struggle for many people, especially for people in their late forties to early fifties. They are part of an era that learned how to use new software and hardware slowly, if at all. The evolution has gone from non-existent availability to nearly every household having at least one device. Those who did not follow along with the updates or who did not embrace the changes still remain in the dark.

Resolution: Learning has never been easier. From simply watching YouTube videos on virtually every topic, anyone can learn a new skill. Find something that interests you and start binge-watching “How To” videos. Then, start exploring the online world to find your passion.

  1. Laziness. We get it, you worked all day. You get home and just want to crash in front of the TV and relax. However, if you are truly serious about making money online, you’ll have to sacrifice some time that is wasted on activities that do not get you closer to your goal.

Resolution: Set aside a block of time each day to work on your research and implementation of a plan to make money online. Make a commitment to do it and set deadlines that are obtainable.

  1. Fear of failure. Self-doubt is one of the biggest obstacles that stands in the way of success. Therefore, many people don’t start because they stay stuck in fear. They may have thoughts like, “What if it’s a waste of time?” or, “What if no one buys anything?” or, “What if I mess up and fail?” Those limiting thoughts can hold you back forever, so it is important not to let negative mindsets destroy your destiny.

Resolution: Turn fear into empowerment. Setting realistic milestones can help you view the endeavor as achievable. For example, you can say the first week is a “research” phase in which you can explore all of the money-making opportunities online. The next week, you can settle on the idea that feels good to you and puts you in your comfort zone. Then, just go for it! Take small actions daily to get to your goals, rather than seeing the end result as an impossibility.

  1. Lack of resources or capital. Money has always been a deterrent for people who want to start an online business. For example, they may want to open an online store, but don’t have money to buy inventory. Or, they may have an idea for a new app to develop, or for a service business, but don’t have the money to set up a website and operate it.

Resolution: Money should not be an obstacle. There are literally hundreds – if not thousands – of ways to make money online without spending much at all. For example, in affiliate marketing, the vendors pay you to advertise and promote their products. You can literally set up a blog for free and then start promoting it. Or if reselling is your game, you don’t have to buy a lot of inventory if you start out as a drop shipper. A drop shipper is someone that sets up a store and when the customers buys a product in the store, the drop shipper then purchases it from the wholesaler and has it shipped directly to the customer. It’s like a triangle. It’s a good option for someone with no capital and/or no money. So, don’t let the lack of money hold you back. You can also look at ways of getting started just with what you have on hand. For example, you could sell jewelry or homemade goods on Etsy, or sell old and new items on eBay, or fashion apparel on Poshmark. Thousands of people are also getting involved in selling on Amazon. The point is, you can start from exactly where you are right now, using what you have on hand. No money is no excuse!

  1. No time. Being busy is certainly a legitimate concern for those who want to make money online. You may spend all day raising kids and doing parenting duties, or perhaps you have one or more jobs. There’s always going to be activities standing in the way, right?

Resolution: You have to make time. Take a few minutes to create a plan. Once you decide what type of money-making online opportunity you wish to purse, then create simple, easy tasks each day. Everyone can find fifteen or twenty minutes, and that may be all you need in the beginning. As your pursuit starts generating cash flow, you can increase the amount of time spent so that you can make bigger strides. If it is important to you, well, just do it!

Remember, procrastination is the force that keeps you stuck in the muck. Imagine all of these excuses are like a pit of quicksand, but your dream of making money online is like a vine that will save you from being swallowed up. Grab that vine and pull your way out of the negativity!

Author: Prosperity Shoppe

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    • People aren’t making money online only if they’re unmotivated. There’s literally abundant opportunities.

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