7 Simple Techniques to Improve Self Confidence

Do you have a positive self worth?  Do you see yourself as confident, charming and happy?  Contrarily, do you feel sad, depressed and down in the dumps of despair?  You may feel like you’re all alone in your plight, whether the root of your feelings comes from a lack of self confidence due to circumstances beyond your control, or by the nature of your personality.  Life’s events often lead to these feelings of not being good enough, attractive enough, smart enough or worthy of love.  Rejection – whether by a love, boss, sibling, parent or friend – can lead to having a negative self image.

So, how can you turn things around and feel good again?  How can you forget these painful events that have stirred any misconceptions that you are not worthy of having all of the joys that life has to offer?

First, you must realize you deserve it. YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING GOOD!

Have you ever heard the expression; “In order to give someone love, you must first love yourself”?  Yet, it is often easier said than done. Embrace these tidbits of advice and get back on the path to happiness and fulfillment.

Day by day, fall in love with YOU by using these 7 simple techniques:

  • Be more generous. If someone asks you for help, don’t look the other way. This is an opportunity to bring good karma back to you and to feel good knowing you did something wonderful.
  • As you get in your car, give yourself a check in the rearview mirror and say, “Wow, I look and feel amazing today!” Even if you don’t, your mind will soon start responding positively. Soon, you really will start to look and feel radiant.
  • Smile in the mirror and give yourself a compliment. “That dress looks nice with your hair color!”
  • Write a note with your 5 best characteristics. Do not make a column of dislikes, rather only positive things.  If you feel uncomfortable or can’t think of anything, make an effort to get at least five, even if they are modest statements of personality and/or physical traits, or general characteristics.
  • Rephrase your comments when seeking self validation. Instead of asking your spouse; “Does this shirt make me look fat?”, try asking open-ended questions to allow others the opportunity to compliment you in their own way. “What do you think of my new blouse?” This is a better way to ask, because it gives your partner an opportunity to say something nice… that will also make you feel good inside.
  • Open a door for someone. This timeless act of goodwill is nice to do, whether you are a man or a woman. You will love knowing what a good person you are.
  • Stop putting others down. Being critical or judgmental of others is a way of degrading yourself. Often people who are insecure put down other people to make themselves feel better or more empowered. Try looking for the good in people (even if you don’t like them) and see how much better you will be treated by them in return.

If at first it feels strange, it is because you are not used to it. Insecurity is a powerful emotion that can overpower you.  It can make you feel awkward about loving yourself.  No matter how silly you feel at first, just keep doing it anyway and soon you will start falling in love with YOU a little more every day.


~ Written by Prosperity Shoppe Beth

Author: Prosperity Shoppe

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  1. Improving self confidence requires looking in the mirror and doing positive affirmations. Before we can love someone, we must love ourselves, no matter what we look like. We are all special in God’s eyes.

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  2. Confidence is something we have to constantly work to achieve. Look in the mirror and say, I’m a leader! I have ups and downs but this article hits home. Thanks for the tips.

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  3. Wow! You’ve certainly set the bar a little higher with this one Nick… I’m anxious to see how you manage to “top it” later!

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