Enter the New Edupreneur Era for Knowledge-Hungry Entrepreneurs

Many technology companies started as a myth: college dropout students began working from a garage and transformed an idea into the next big thing. Yes, it has happened – we have examples from Apple to Facebook. Still, the truth is that to convert a good idea into a successful business model, some individual or unique skills and knowledge are required. And the best place to learn about it is those institutes that focus on entrepreneur-education; called an EDUpreneur.

It’s true, we are in the midst of a learning revolution. People are hungrier than ever before to discover how and why to do anything, from managing a social media account, to the more complex skill of playing the guitar. These hungry people are buying information from those who have the knowledge; known as edupreneurs. In fact, edupreneurship is the way to move onward in 2020 and beyond.

Author: Prosperity Shoppe

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