How to Tell When Your Heart is Calling You to Fulfill Your Destiny

How many times during the course of our lives have we made decisions based upon the provocation or suggestion of others? Or, because our rational minds told us that it was the right thing to do? Yet often times, a literal feeling of being pulled in a different direction comes into play? This is true with relationships, choices we are faced with, the pressures of society, as well as our minds convincing us that “it” is for the best, whatever “it” may be.

Yet, the heart is just an idiom or term used to describe intuition. Your intuition – aka “your gut” – is like a sixth sense. Its quiet nudging fills your mind with questions that you don’t have the answer to, and perhaps it comes with risks that you may be unwilling to take. This can have great impact upon your life, probably more than all of the other senses put together.

In a spiritual sense, your heart’s desires are the Universe calls to you. It is internally planted within all of us and gives us the ability to decipher right from wrong, as well as leading us down our paths that we are meant to go. When we go against our inner guidance system, it can have consequences. Those can be good or bad.

For example, you meet a potential love match. Your “gut” tells you that this person is not the right person for you, and yet you go through the motions. There can be a number of reasons for this. Outside pressure – either by friends or family – can sway you to continue. If the other person is charming enough and perhaps manipulative enough, they can also prolong the relationship. However, that nagging feeling within your heart will never leave and will continue to tell you that this person is not the right one for you. It can take weeks, months or years for you to listen. Some people never do and go against their intuition for… well, forever.

This was the case with one of my grandmothers. My maternal grandmother lived to the ripe age of 92, yet she spent the majority of her life as a victim. Even through her last few years on earth, she lamented about marrying my grandfather. She often spent our visits together complaining about him. He was an alcoholic and she had spent a lot of years in misery over this fact. She also wished she had moved to the Coast, where she loved to visit (yet rarely ever did). There was another man she had loved prior to meeting my grandfather, and she often lamented over not marrying him instead. Therefore, she became the “victim”. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Don’t spend the end of your life wishing you had lived it differently.

In contrast, my paternal grandmother had passed away at the age of 89, yet she had lived her life to the fullest. She was a happy, bubbly woman who had loved my Gramps and bore 8 children with him. It was a pleasure to visit her when I was a child, as she laughed and told the same jokes over and over again. She snuck us little candy treats when we were kids and she had a cute poodle named Shoo-Shoo. We called her “Grammy Shoo-Shoo” and she was an absolute delight to everyone she came in contact with.
Happiness is a choice, even if we don’t feel like it is.

You must listen to your heart, your gut, your intuition. It guides you and quietly walks with you down many roads through life. It tells you when there is danger, but you may not listen or hear it. Your heart is not a shadow, it is a scout. It tries to lead you on your path to happiness and eternal joy. We get stuck along the way, perhaps hitting a few potholes or even craters. If you learn to listen to your heart and let your intuition help you make decisions – even if it means mustering enough courage to speak the truth – then so be it. There are times when you will be forced to hurt someone’s feelings, but it might be for the best for both of you. There may be other times when your gut simply tells you not to walk in a certain direction or drive down a certain road, or what-have-you. The decisions you make are always with your heart leading.

Here’s how you can tap into your inner guidance sphere for wisdom:

Pray or meditate about it. Rather than making any hasty decisions, you should always give your dilemmas up to the higher power; the source of creation. It is the way it was intended from the very beginning of mankind. Doing so will quiet your mind, allowing you to connect to the source. When you pray, you may not always get the answer that you want, however, you will always get an answer. You must know that when you do not get the answer that you want, it is always for a reason. You will almost always discover the reason at a later time.

Listen to your heart. Literally? Listen to it beating? No, silly, this is a metaphor. Listening to your heart means that – although it is not telling you what you want to hear – you will listen and follow it wherever it leads you. It means trusting that your inner guidance receptors are steering you on your path; your journey. Your journey is unlike anyone else’s journey, therefore you will have a totally unique experience that is only yours. When you allow outside influences to persuade you down an unknown path, you will veer off course. This can have terrible consequences. However, many times they are recoverable. That means that eventually, even if you do not listen to your heart and go your own way, you can eventually be led back to the right path that you are meant to go. Unfortunately, some people never get to this phase and keep compounding wrong choices with more wrong choices.

Let go of the past. We all have baggage from the past. It is something you may not be able to change. However, the first step is to “let it go”. You cannot become the person you were destined to be if you are holding on to past regrets, disappointments, resentments, anger, frustration, blame and all the other negative emotions associated with baggage. This is something far too deep for many people to understand, but by holding on to and fixating on the past, you cannot live abundantly in the present and future. Instead, be grateful for the day and all of the blessings you know are coming your way.

Rely only on qualified advice. Humans have a learned instinct to rely on guidance from others. We follow trends and “do as others” do, which makes people crave the recognition and/or affirmations of others. However, we all have a different calling. So, although having a sense of obligation is within our nature, we may find our hearts longing for fulfillment elsewhere. This happens frequently in the workplace. People stay at jobs they dislike because of the stability it provides, yet many employees dream of a different career altogether.

If you have a trusted counselor or spiritual mentor, it can be wise to seek advice, but you should always adhere to #2 and listen to your heart, despite the advice of others. Advice can be helpful or destructive, depending on the type of person giving it. Nearly all people are born with a sense of right and wrong, so if someone is guiding you down a path you no longer wish to travel, you do not have to follow. Contrarily, if someone is giving you sound wisdom that you know in your heart is the right thing to do, then getting extra affirmations is merely God (or the Universe)’s guidance for you. Essentially, you should feel good about the decisions you make. That is why humans have been installed with the gift of intuition.

Take action. After much pondering and obsessing about a dilemma, challenge or decision you must make, if you have done all of the above (prayed, listened, let go of the past and sought sound advice), the next step is to act. Doing nothing will prevent you from moving forward. For example, let’s say you have a comfortable, great-paying job, but your heart has been longing and telling you that it’s time to start your own business. Many people would allow their rational minds to push their hearts’ calling away. The biggest reason is fear; either a fear of failure or fear of not having the stability of a known paycheck. Not everyone is destined to start their own business and some people are perfectly happy working at a job and that is also fine. Not everyone is on the same journey, which does not make it wrong or right. It just “is”. However, if you are one who longs for this and dreams of fulfilling your passion, then you must break it up into smaller, easier tasks in order to get to the next phase. Do nothing, and you will never achieve anything. Don’t wait to act, just take baby steps each day either by learning more about “how” or what is entailed.

The key to prosperity is to follow your heart.

Imagine right now that you were 90 years old and looking back upon your life. Will you be the person that lives with “I wish I had’s…” or “I should have done’s?” Or, will you be the one that is still laughing and enjoying life to the fullest? Only you can decide whether your existence on planet earth is meaningful, and it begins with listening and responding to your heart when it is calling for you to take action. Start today! What is your heart telling you to do? Only you know the answer…

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