How to Make Great Money as a Freelance Writer

When I first became a freelance writer, I landed a gig simply by turning in a free article to the New England Business Journal. I said, “If you like this, I would love to get some paid assignments from you.”

The rest was history. The NEBJ gave me 3-4 article assignments every month thereafter, for at least a few years. It was a great side hustle.

After I moved to Florida a few years thereafter, I took a break from writing. I started a whole new career in sales, so the writing jobs took a backseat. However, I kept my subscription to Writer’s Digest. It preserved my interest in the profession.

Seven years later, I wanted to write again. But I was in a new city and state. My portfolio was long gone. Basically, I had to start all over again. I didn’t know how to make great money as a freelance writer.

Writers Work - Get Paid to WriteThat’s when I discovered online freelance writing. At that time, there were several writing sites like and So, I created my own portfolio by giving myself assignments. I assigned myself to write one press release, five articles, several blogs, and I can’t remember what else. I posted the portfolio and bid on several freelance jobs that companies were looking for. There were interesting assignments, but after two weeks of no response and no gigs, I thought maybe I had lost my mojo.

Then, one guy accepted my proposal! It was a freelance writing job for a catalog. They had hundreds of products in the outdoor garden niche, and each item needed a unique description with a clever title. It was really fun, and I got paid per product, so I learned to write them quickly. At $10/each, I could write 4-5 per hour and make decent money. The client had more websites with other types of products, so I soon became so busy that I had to scale back my full-time job on the outside.

As I gained more positive reviews, I began getting more freelance writing jobs. That’s how it went down. The year was 2007. There were more milestones in between, but I tell you this to give you encouragement.

Freelance writing is a lucrative profession. The better you get, the more in demand you can be. Every business needs a writer, either to set up a website, write a press release, marketing campaign, email drip funnel, blog, or even a book. The sky is the limit. If you learn how to make great money as a freelance writer, you can literally make as much as your ambition will allow. You will find ways to put your writing talent to good use.

A great place to start is through the Writers Work App.

When you join, you’ll discover THOUSANDS of writing jobs. Writers Work gives you training, live support, courses and more. You can choose to write about a variety of topics and styles, from simple social media posts, to articles, sales letters and more.

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a freelance writer – for me – as well as many writer friends I have made along the way, is the ability to set your own schedule. I literally raised my kids on my copywriter’s income. Sometimes their Dad would watch the kids while I went to write at a coffee shop. If we needed money to buy diapers or formula, I got out my laptop and banged out a batch of blogs for a client.

Best of all, I mostly got paid via PayPal right away. Boom! My kids never went hungry with this gig. It was something I was proud of as a parent.

Another thing that made freelance writing so rewarding was the ability to be there for my family. If my child needed to be picked up at school, I never had to ask my boss for time off. If I wanted to stay up late and write after everyone went to bed, I didn’t have to get in my car and go anywhere. Freelance writing offered great flexibility and compensation.

Join Writers Work and start loving what you do, plus being there for your children. The biggest push you need is the confidence to get started. Sign up for a Writers Work Account Today!


Author: Prosperity Shoppe

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