17 Quirky Jobs People Can Do To Make Extra Money

Saving money is a good thing. However, if you do simple calculation and live in a big city, then you must be tired of having empty pockets at the end of each month. If budgeting seems like a struggle for you, then you may wish to get extra money from another source. However, after spending a large part of the day at work, this is not always a possibility for everyone. In that case, perhaps exploring one of the quirky jobs people do to make extra money sounds like a good thing to consider.

In today’s era, the Internet offers billions of dollars up for grabs to the most ambitious entrepreneurs. You may have already heard stories of millennials who have left decent jobs and built their empires by finding quirky ways to make extra money.  How did they do it?

Here is a list of 17 quirky jobs to make extra money. Then, you won’t have to rely solely on payday every week. Depending on your skills, time, talent, etc., you can get ideas for new ways to help you earn more. Perhaps even more than your day job!

17 Quirky Jobs People Can do to Make Extra Money:

1. Online Consulting

If you like participating in social media and have excellent online business skills, you can guide others through the process as an online consultant. Once you become established as a leader or influencer within your niche, you could also make yourself available for clients all over the world, through Skype, Google chat, etc. Get paid by the hour for your consulting calls, or create packages that will bring you a monthly retainer for repeat clients.

Potential earnings: $ 400 – $4,000 per month.

2. Gig Life

There are a lot of websites that allow you to do gig jobs in the USA, which are micro-jobs that can be done easily from home. Opportunities are everywhere, from joining LinkedIn or on websites dedicated to freelancers. Among the best and most known internationally are:

  • FIVERR – an eclectic gig site offering thousands of freelancers to perform one-time jobs; from creating a jingle to designing a product label, and so much more! Sign up here.
  • UPWORK – a spinoff from eLance, one of the world’s most known freelancing sites that allows you to bid on jobs that people post a need for. Some of the popular categories include graphic design, writing, marketing and more.

Potential earnings: $ 300 – 1000 per month.

3. Teaching & Tutoring

Teaching and tutoring offers ample opportunity if you have enough experience in the education field. People from around the world need the skills you have, whether it is learning a language, computer programming skills, computer savvy, social media expertise, and more. Some companies also need people who can travel to foreign countries, so if you want to earn money while traveling to exciting countries, this might be the perfect gig for you! The pay is top notch if you find a good company to work The TEFL Academy comes highly recommended for its expertise and great reputation. Definitely check this out if you want to travel and make a great living! Many countries throughout the world need English teachers and tutors.

Potential earnings:  More than $ 1000 per month.

4. Virtual Assistant

Do you love organizing and helping others? Becoming a virtual assistant might be the perfect way for you to become a freelancer. Work as a virtual assistant and help business owners and entrepreneurs to manage their websites and social media accounts. Depending on the amount of time you have, this “part-time” job could realistically become a full-time gig, one that allows you to spend more time with your family. You can earn a massive amount of money as your skills improve. One of the best ways to get started as a virtual assistant is with Time etc., so sign up today and start making more than your “day job”!

Potential earnings: $500 – $3,000 per month. 

5. Door Dash

Ever since people have been spending more time at home, due to uncertainty over COVID, the popularity of local restaurant delivery has skyrocketed. The take-out business has kept many restaurants alive during the pandemic. Thanks to Door Dash, these businesses can easily get the food delivered to their customers. In fact, the customers can choose from an array of local restaurants from the app. They can pay for it and the Door Dash delivery person picks it up at the restaurant and delivers it to their customer. Uber Eats is another similar, new service founded on the idea of Uber drivers. Another benefit is the tips from grateful customers!

Potential earnings: $3 – $5,000 per month.

6. Yard Sale Flipper

Retail arbitrage has soared in popularity, as many people now order products online, as opposed to visiting retail stores in person. Resale sites like eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, dePop, Amazon, Mercari, and many others cater to small sellers. Most resellers start with things they already have lying around their home. You can “declutter” and sell things you’re not using, while making extra money. Our Prosperity Shoppe eBay store makes an extra $30k per year, working only part-time. To start off, set aside at least $20/per week to spend on buying merchandise for resale. The Amazon scanner app makes it easy to look up the current prices of things you come across that are new with tags, just scan the barcode. Watch YouTubers for advice. You can find great stuff at yard sales, church rummage sales, garage sales and craft fairs that cost $1 to $10 and which can be flipped for $20-$200+ profit. Scour Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to find local stuff you can flip for a profit. Estate sales are also a cool place to find antiques and collectibles. What you may think is trash could be just the perfect thing that a collector across the country is looking for to complete their collection. Some people are also brand loyal and others just like to find good deals, which makes it fair game for anyone to make money. Sign up for eBay here!

Potential earnings: $1,000 – $5,500+ per month, depending on scale for growth potential.

7. Freelance Writer

Few gigs offer the vast potential as a career in freelance writing. The world is obsessed with content, so the need for good writing skills is ever-present and growing, however, there are not enough qualified writers to meet the high demand. Depending on what style of writing, or niche, there are tons of opportunities to develop and earn top dollar. Truly, the sky is the limit! Here are 4 different avenues to explore freelance writing and land your first gig, as soon as today:

  • My Freelance Paycheck – This is a great place to start for beginners in the freelance writing industry. You don’t need a degree, and the program gives you entry level assistance, as well as a job board that enables you to find your first client(s), as well as the community of other writers to assist you. Watch the Video to be on your way to becoming a 6-figure freelance writer. This is a TOP-RATED PROGRAM!
  • Upwork – As mentioned above, you can bid on writing jobs on Upwork by establishing a portfolio and offering your services.
  • Writers Work – Writers Work is a mecca for content buyers and freelance writers. Work remotely or at your home, this website is a writer’s dream come true! There’s abundant work and the pay is better than many other writing platforms. There tends to be a lot of niches and high quality writers-for-hire. Sign up for a Writers Work account today!
  • If you have a lot of articles or just like writing about topics that you have creative control over, then another option is to sell your articles on dotWriter. Some people don’t want the time or hassle of dealing with clients, so this is a good option. You can submit original articles and make decent money when customers are searching for content that is already written for them, so there are many different markets. Look for hot topics like health and fitness, real estate, insurance, self-improvement, etc. Start writing and submitting your articles for sale on dotWriter today.

Potential earnings: $ 500 – $5,000+ per month

8. Course Creator

7 Ways Authors Increase Revenue Using Online Courses

Chances are, you have some knowledge in that big brain of yours… some information that no one else on the planet knows as well as you! Perhaps you have the coolest idea to build a woodshed, or have a secret to achieving success within a specific niche, or what-have-you. In that case, consider making a course and selling it to others who could benefit from your knowledge!  If you don’t know where to begin, THINKRIFIC can help you get from “unknown” to “influencer” status, as well as setting you up with your course from start to finish. Best of all, the course can be sold on ‘autopilot’ through an email marketing campaign, so once you have everything set up, you will not have to keep repeating the process. Think about that “one thing” you know that could be shared with the world… this is how millionaires are made every day! Read the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Strategy Blog

Potential earnings: $1,000 – $5,000+ per month, depending on scale for growth potential.

9. Sell Photos

Perhaps photography is your passion. If you are a great photographer who captures the beauty of moments, you could sell your photos online. There are literally dozens of ways to do this, but we can mention a few. One way to do freelance photography is through individual assignments, similar to the freelance writing gigs. Photowhoa is a great resource for educational products, photography tools, editing software, banners and more.

Another method of selling your photography could be through local marketing, Fiverr, or by identifying and fulfilling a niche in the industry.

You can also take pictures of specific things to sell in the stock photography marketplace. In case you’re not familiar with the term, stock photography is basically images that can be purchased for companies to use for educational, advertising or marketing purposes. You can sell exclusive rights or non-exclusive, which means you get a commission every time someone downloads your image for use. However, knowing this can imply that your photographs should be marketable, so you’ll want to study the trends and see what types of images people are buying, and then you can shoot images with this in mind, to strengthen your sales. Sites like iStockPhoto are always looking for contributors. You receive a royalty each time a photo is purchased. It could be a great way to turn your art and talent into extra money. Even if you don’t like taking pictures, more and more photo sites are looking for digital art. If you are good at creating digital images, you might even consider selling your work.

Potential earnings: $ 500 – $2,000 per month and even more.

10. Caregiver of People or Pets

Love babies? Kids? Old people? Or just furry, four-legged companions? Become a caregiver. You can sign up to become a nanny, babysitter, or petsitter through online sites like Care.com or Rover.comIf you love pets, taking care of peoples’ dogs while they are out of town can be a great way to earn some extra money. It can be fun to have a new furry friend, and you will be paid at the same time. The Internet can help you find customers, so join some local community pages on Facebook and spread the word that you’re available.  

Potential earnings: $250 – $900 per month.

11. Dropshipper

Dropshipping is an awesome side hustle for people who love to hustle. As a dropshipper, you are the conduit between a product and your customer. It works much the same way as reselling (see #6), except you never have to physically ship a product. So, you find a product for, say $10 and then sell it for $49. But instead of buying it and then shipping it from your location, you will buy it from the wholesaler and have them ship it directly to your customer. It does require some organization to do this successfully, however, dropshipping has become a very lucrative niche for people who like to wheel and deal, while pleasing their customers with an item they have been looking for. The most successful dropshippers often set up a niche site or micro-niche. A niche site could be pet products, for example, while a ‘micro-niche’ would be narrowed down to just dog sweaters or toys.

If you have an interest in becoming a dropshipper, you should look at getting Inventory Source. It offers 200+ integrated dropship suppliers to work with. The software is fully automated, so you don’t have to manage each transaction one-by-one. After you set up your inventory on your website, it just works like clockwork to upload products, sync inventory, fulfill orders and it works with many different ecommerce marketplaces. Amazon, Walmart, or your own Shopify store included. Inventory Source automatically works while you’re doing other things… like spending time with your family. 

Potential earnings: $2,000 – $10,000 per month.

12. Artisan / Creator / Artist

Although this quirky job has been around for eons, it’s worth mentioning as a great way for anyone to make extra money. Especially in this era, we live in a world where anyone can now sell their crafts, inventions and ideas to customers from around the world. Sites like etsy.com and 1-800 Postcards let you create your art and sell it tangibly online. Depending on what types of art, jewelry or craft project you do will determine the best marketplace to sell your work. Don’t overlook the fun and social possibilities of doing local craft fairs, also. These can present worthwhile opportunities for exposure to increase your fan base, aside from the earning potential of customers who will buy your work at the event(s).  

Potential earnings: $100 – $4,000+ per month.

13. Digital Marketer

For those folks with any tech savvy skills and/or strong creative, analytical or writing acumen, the job of a digital marketer may be highly appealing. In fact, digital marketing is a $50 billion dollar industry, and that is a number growing each year. The need is great, which presents an appealing “door opening” for anyone with a bit of ambition. You can also take a course to become a specialist in digital marketing, which should give you a jump start. No degree needed! Check out InDemandCareer.com and start making the income you deserve, while providing a highly-sought after service.

SwifticPotential earnings: $ 60,000+ per year.

14. App Developer

Nowadays, there is a mobile app for almost everything in the world, but there is always room for new applications if you want to become a developer. If it sounds like you’d need to undertake several years of coding or have a college degree, you’re dead wrong! Anyone can be an app developer, which opens up a lot of possibilities for you to design apps that you can sell, or that you can create on behalf of your clients as a freelance service. Check out Swiftic- Free Trial: Build your own mobile app or design them for clients. It’s fun and highly profitable in a thriving industry!

Potential earnings: $ 1,000 per month or Sky is the Limit?

15. Social Media

Okay this is certainly a quirky job, but social media side hustles are among the top ranked for ease of use, cost and familiarity among millennials and GenXers.     

Potential earnings: $100 – $4,000+ per month.

16. Affiliate Marketer / Blogger

It takes time to build it, but once you do, the blogger lifestyle can be rewarding. You can write about whatever you want, or talk about it through vlogs (video) and podcasts, or just stick to writing. The articles offer the readers links to the products and/or services they recommend, which the marketer then receives a modest commission if the reader takes an action as a result of the recommendation. It’s a win-win-win, because the readers appreciate finding the top products or services to use, while the brand has an army of marketers who are promoting their business. In order to become an affiliate marketer, you’ll need a website and then you can sign up for a popular affiliate marketing company. Some well-known ones include:

  • Clickbank – Clickbank University is one of the best ways to get started as an affiliate. It literally walks you through the start-to-finish setup of your affiliate marketing business, along with tips and lessons to help you start earning money right away. It’s much cheaper than a college education, yet can yield huge rewards and without the debt of student loans. Watch the Clickbank University founder, here.
  • Share-a-Sale – With over 1,000 merchants signed up with Share-a-Sale, this is a great company and they have a lot of great tools to help affiliate marketers succeed.

Potential earnings: $100 – $4,000+ per month.

17. Opinion Panelist

Some people call you opinionated, but that’s okay, because this time… having an opinion pays off! Opinion Inn is a platform for people to share their opinions with companies around the world; about their products and services. Participants get paid to do so. Upon signing up, opinion takers start receiving surveys. Every successful and qualified survey submitted gets $1 to $100, depending on the parameters of the survey.  SIGN UP to become an Opinion Inn Survey Panelist and Get $10.00 as Sign-Up Bonus, which can be redeemed after you reach $25.  Opinion Inn is the most rewarding online survey platform on the planet and has paid millions of dollars in rewards to respondents. Is this job quirky enough and/or fun enough for you?

Potential earnings: $100 – $800+ per month.


As you can see, opportunities to find quirky jobs to make extra money is not so difficult, so it all depends on your ambition, interests, and desire. If you have a little spare time and are willing to put your efforts in to earn some extra money, the web is handy and offers abundant possibilities to earn more. There are endless ways to make money! So, Dream BIG, Set GOALS, and Take ACTION.




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