The Truth About Dressing for Success

‘The way we dress reveals who we are.’  Is that statement true? If you’re a self-motivated entrepreneur who works from home, it may be tempting to relax and work all day in your PJ’s. However, dressing well can be one of the secrets to accomplishing more, because that is exactly what we need to do to achieve our goals.

In fact, if you want to become a flourishing and professional entrepreneur, toss the perception of lounging all day aside, although it may be appealing to opt for comfort over fashion. The prevailing dress codes of various professions can guide us to be more successful in our approach and way of thinking. It forces us to take our work more seriously, while instilling discipline and confidence.

For example, when a police officer puts on a uniform, then he/she will feel more devoted to their job. The uniform serves as a reminder of the commitment towards their duty. Just as a medical professional will be more acute in his or her dedication when wearing scrubs and lab coats. If you have your own business, you could consider getting shirts made with your company logo, or if you have a stay-at-home profession, you could simply dress fashionably, as if you were going to meet with clients every day.

As a rising business owner, your most excellent work speaks for itself, but the visual clues are nearly as powerful as your latest positive criticism.

‘Dress how you want to be addressed.

Importance of Dress Code ‘Branding’ as an Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial dress ‘code’ plays into both psychology and science. Why? Because, if the vast majority of people wish to have successful professional careers within their respective fields, then creating an attitude and perception of self-confidence and self-motivation is imperative. Doing so fuels positive energy; both in approach and behavior.

However, very few people will admit there is a link between success and appearance, at least by today’s standards. Consider that every day could be the day that a really, really important client comes by.  This also applies to the personal hygiene area. Looking unkempt makes a statement non-verbally. It says, “I just don’t care.” Therefore, being well-groomed and polished might imply the opposite. Non-verbal cues are the first qualities people use to judge one’s character, whether right or wrong. The goal is to say (without saying it out loud), “I’m eager to do a good job for you and I care about my appearance.” People who are sloppy tend to give a sloppy performance.

The way you dress is a form of unspoken communication.

Let’s offer an example. Think of the packaging of a delicious chocolate brand that has just been launched on the market. The more appealing and delicious the packaging presentation is, the more likely people will want to buy it. When you dress, think of yourself as the best chocolate (product) available in the marketplace.

You might say that appearance is one of the keys of power. Even before reviewing your skills, people or clients will judge you based on your appearance and physique. It is human nature that one cannot overlook or disregard. Therefore, it is essential that your exterior reflects the image you wish to convey.

Dress Like the Boss of Your Dreams

Before you learn how to be the boss of your own business, it is important to know what kind of image you wish to portray. According to the sector and responsibilities that you aim for, the dress codes are rarely ‘one size fits all’. For example, if you want to start a finance consultancy business, your style and outfit should be classic, tasteful and professional. On the other hand, if you are starting a creative endeavor, your outfit may be freer to express your creativity. Essentially, you must know how to readjust to the dressing and culture of your employees and clients.

Let Your Personality Guide Your Fashion Choice

In general, society will prefer a person who stands out through authenticity. In business, clients favor a person whose professionalism exudes trust. It’s all about having good taste to be successful in your field.

As the best in your industry, you should analyze your customers’ perception of you. It matters. In this way, you’ll be able to dress in a way that puts you ahead, positively. Going a step further, you should dress as though you are already that person of success you desire to be! This allows you to sell your skills as an already-successful businessman or a victorious entrepreneur. So, think about this question, “How would I dress if I were a millionaire?” Then, do that on a daily basis, and watch what will happen.

written by Prasu Maru

Author: Prosperity Shoppe

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