5 Reasons Why Better Credit Can Make You More Prosperous

By the time people reach the age of what many consider “grownup” stage, we begin to understand the need for having a great credit score. We’ve made mistakes in the past – and suffered the ramifications – but now wish to move along on our individual journeys to prosperity. In this example, we can define prosperity as having wealth, or lack thereof.

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Depending on how bad we’ve destroyed our credit in the past – whether by accident or sheer recklessness – it can seem daunting to repair. Perhaps it might seem implausible, like climbing to the top of Denali Mountain in Alaska. Climbers of this mountain only have a 50% success rate, according to Denali FAQ 2015 statistics. That could be likened to the success rate of people who try to repair their credit.

Yet, the struggle should not seem insurmountable. Prosperity is yours and repairing your credit might not be as unattainable as you think. Before we tell you the fastest and least painful way to repair your credit, first let’s talk about WHY it is a necessary to achieve prosperity.

Having Better Credit…

  1. Saves You A Significant Amount of Money

Having better credit saves you a major amount of money. Literally, thousands of dollars! Just for example, when you buy a car with credit, having a better credit score will give you lower interest rates, so instead of paying 25% or more, you may get offers as low as 0 – 1%. Add that up over the terms of your loan, and you’ll see thousands of dollars in savings. Same thing with a mortgage or even a personal loan. The reason is that lower scores equate to higher risk for the lender, which may seem unfair, but this is the way it works.

  1. Helps You Generate Wealth

Denied? Due to bad credit?When you have better credit, you will get more opportunities that come to you. For example, you may find properties or land to invest in, or you may be extended capital to start a business. These opportunities are more available to people with higher credit scores.

  1. Attracts Investors

Angel investors and venture capitalists generally regard people with better credit as having more stability and organization, so you may find more money flowing your way. Investors want to see successes, therefore by having better credit it is presumed that you are organized and efficient with money matters. This makes you a better candidate for private investment opportunities, which can bring you wealth and prosperity.

  1. Enables You to Start a Business

Having a business gives you many tax breaks, as well as the opportunity to grow your income as high as you wish to achieve. Working for someone else, you can really only make as much as that boss is willing to pay you.

  1. Gives You More Incentive to Get Serious About Prosperity

When you strive for better credit, it helps you set realistic goals, because it’s a good place to start. Therefore, if you ever wish to become richer, it is “Step One” of your goal. It should be an ongoing goal, whilst working on the other things you wish to achieve. If you are a newbie to having or establishing credit, you should absolutely do everything you can not to mess it up! Your future depends on it.

You Have a Real Chance to Become Prosperous!

In a recent study by the Spectrum Group, Voice of the Investor, 2017 revealed tremendous growth among U.S. households. The study was reported by the EIN Presswire in 2018. Two of those interesting facts include:

  • The number of Millionaires, those with a net worth between $1 million and $5 million, climbed to 9.98 million, an increase of almost 600,000 compared with 2016.
  • In 2017, there were 31 million Mass Affluent households with a net worth between $100,000 and $1 million, NIPR. That is an increase of half a million households from 2016.

These numbers are worthy of getting excited about, because that means anyone who has the tenacity to become wealthy and prosperous can! There are so many ways, but don’t let fearmongers tell you otherwise. If you wish to read more promising statistics, click here.

So what is the best way to fix your credit score, even if it your current score feels downright discouraging?  Fear not… the folks at Lexington Law will give you the shortest, fastest path to repair your credit.

Even rich people can have things happen that damage their credit score, so whether you are rich, poor or middle class, this solution is affordable enough for everyone!  Your income has no bearing on your credit score, believe it or not. Most credit reports do not include income information. Debt to income ratio, past history, and current timeliness in payments, as well as other factors, are the only characteristics to impact your score. If you have bad habits, they can be re-learned.

Lexington Law gives you a personalized service that repairs your credit score over time. They have very specific strategies of doing it and it is very effective. They give you a service that is difficult to achieve on your own. It works as a monthly subscription, which you are never obligated to sign up for long term. You can literally try it and then drop it a month later, however, I would recommend using CASHADVANCE.COM for at least 6 – 12 months to see the best results. They can do so much more, the longer you stick with them. I personally used the service for approximately 7 months and my credit score went up by about 80 points with all 3 credit bureaus. Results are different for every individual, depending on how (bad) or good your credit is from the beginning of the service. You have nothing to lose!

Sign up for CashAdvance.com today and get started on the path to prosperity by improving your credit score.

CashAdvance.com – Get Cash When You Need It

~ Written by Prosperity Shoppe Beth

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  1. It took a long time for me, but I finally got my score up over the 700 mark.

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    • Having better credit has certainly helped me to secure more funding for my business(es). In my younger days, I let my credit go and didn’t realize it was a big deal until much later on. I hope young people will take heed to this advice.

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  2. How long does it take? I want to buy a house by next year.

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  3. You’re right on the money. I have been working on fixing my credit, so that last paragraph gave me a big insider’s tip. Thanks!

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